ePodcast Producer 2.0

ePodcast Producer 2.0: Record, edit, create RSS feed, upload your podcast all from a single program. An all-in-one pro software for podcasting that is completely integrated. Record, edit, create RSS feed, record Skype, and upload all from a single program. Includes a teleprompter, built-in FTP client, ID3 tag editor, track splitter, and multi-track recorder. 36 sound file capacity for quick access. New editor includes compression and limiting, reverb, tempo changer. Integrated CD ripping and burning, a teleprompter, Voice FX, XML editing.

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Folio First 1.0

Folio First is a RSS Feed Reader and Podcasting Client. Has many advanced features that other readers don`t, and has been specifically optimized for ease and speed of browsing headlines. Folio First also has advanced podcasting features to automatically subscribe to and download podcasts as well as organise them or even load them onto your iPod or other device to listen to later.

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CCIPTV Live Podcaster

podcasting, sending the local audio and video files and signals from television card, compression card, collection card, PC camera, microphone to the Internet, which makes you to set up your own Internet TV station only on a common PC. Meanwhile, this software can play such formats as rm、rmvb、mpeg、mpg、mpeg4、avi、wmv、wma、mp3、DVD and even transit all the Internet TV programs of different formats. Podcasting system, the center of communicatng

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Podcasting For Fun and Profit 1.0

How Would You Like To Quit Your Slave Wage Day Job- And Start Making A Residual Income That Can Make All Of Your Dreams Come True... The income, job security, and added perks that used to come with working for a great company have been steadily declining World Wide! In fact, 9 out of 10 family’s have to work two jobs in order to make ends meet. This isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

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Blaze Audio ePodcast Express 1.0: Generate RSS Feed or Subscription File and Web Page and upload to the internet.
Blaze Audio ePodcast Express 1.0

Podcasting is a growing audio medium, similar to yet different from traditional radio broadcasting and streaming audio content. There are two end users of Podcasting technology with unique software and hardware needs for each.In order to listen to a podcast, listeners need a computer and the ability to play the downloaded MP3 audio file either on their desktop through programs like iTunes or Windows Media player or on a portable MP3 device such as

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PodcastSecrets 1.282

Podcast Secrets to Promote You ! Post your podcast live to an audience on the web ! This Must Have Guide To Fame and Fortune Tells All The Secrets on How To Create, Market, and Make Money With Podcasting, Simply by Using Your Voice ! We show you how to make money with podcasts, how to create and upload your own podcasts and get traffic and listings in many directories. Your Podcast will be out on the internet in no time !

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Podcast Promo Soundpack 1: A fantastic promotional audio pack for beginners and Professionals in Podcasting
Podcast Promo Soundpack 1

A fantastic promotional audio pack for beginners and Professionals in Podcasting. This pack provides Podcasters with essential audio files for use in their Podcasts with loops and stings to really elevate Podcasts above the competition. Provided free, by Royalty Free Music Library, these files can be used within Podcasts without any charge. We ask that you please credit when you use them.

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